“Giving back is more rewarding in knowing lives are changed with the help of my own hands”

Brief:  ‘To help the DIYSOS team for a 2nd time, in transforming a redundant garden into a useable space for Jack.

In 2014 we were privileged to have our home adapted for my disabled son jack. Laurence was called upon to build a garden room as we now fondly call it the Ladpad.

The workmanship and quality of the room is phenomenal. It’s sound proofed for jacks drums and has electric for his gaming. I often look out of the window and he always has a massive grin on his face which is down to the hard work and kindness of Laurence.

It’s given jack back his independence.

With the help from a great group of people, the space was transformed in nine days, into a safe, relaxing haven which is now used daily & adorned by the whole family.

Services Included:

Detail Drawing

Timber Building